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D'ni Dishes - Annual Food Recipe Share Day

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The International Hood is having another annual food recipe share day on Saturday, December 27th! Anyone who wants to participate, please think of something that you like or any typical recipe from where you live, paste it in a ki mail, and come send it.

They will all be posted in the forums here.

Please be sure to include your name in the recipe title. Again, the dishes may be cultural or family favorites and not necessarily holiday ish.

The gathering will most likely to be held in Kirel.  A music stream URL is forthcoming and will most likely be announced at the party. It might not be as organized as previous times, but it will still be a party.

Someone will hopefully be around starting at 10:00 KI time to collect the recipes.

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27 Dicembre, 2014 - 10:00 - 14:00
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